What is your all time favorite breaky ?

Another indication that Spring is here is being able to eat one of my favorite breakfasts ever. It is very simple, but extremely tasty..

If I am not indulging in one of my glorious green, kefir, fruit smoothies, then I am feeding my face with tomatoes!  Yes, tomatoes on toast.. yum.. yum.. yum!
I can just see some of you rolling your eyes and saying, ‘How boring!’ … but no, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

Toasted pieces of rye sourdough, smothered with butter and top with red slabs of sliced tommy’s, NO salt & pepper thanks.. OMG.. thats what I will be doing within the next few minutes.. add to that a large cup of green & nettle tea with raw honey and I am in heaven.

It is way to early to be picking them from my own tomato bushes, as the seedlings are only 3 inches high. Must possess myself with patience for another few months.. BUT, my wonderful local organic fruit/vege & grocery shop, The Village Green sells them. So until I produce my own I am happy to purchase them from Tim & Marina.

My tomato of choice this morning is the Roma. I grew these last season, lovely & prolific they were too. This year I have a couple of yellow (& the name escapes me), low acid ones on the go & College Challengers.
I actually have an abundance of tomato seedlings this Spring, as some chilli seeds I were given, have grown up as tomatoe’s.. haha :O  Will be a surprise to see what type they turn out to be 🙂

Just one of the simple pleasures in my life !


Don’t you just love Spring!

Whats not to love about it ? New life everywhere.. chicks hatching.. self sown seedlings popping up all over the place.. frogs are spawning.. it all happens in Spring 🙂
I have been a little lax with my writing of late, I wish to apologise to my wonderfully, faithful followers… Thank you & welcome to my humble blog.

Spring brings on a busyness all of its own, without what had already been occupying my life prior.. life changing career aspects, as well as study and my other full-time occupation motherhood 🙂
I hope to be back writing in a more regular fashion from now on, although, as we know, there are no garuntee’s in life.

There has been a new addition of 6 Araucana babies to The Araucana Gypsy clan. Marmalade went broody a couple of weeks before the close of Winter (very early), it was certainly the earliest broody hen for us here.
I put 9 eggs under our Marmalade silky (yes, she is Marmalade by nature & name 🙂 One egg was infertile, one was DIS & one she turfed out half way through her incubation time. I neglected to pick it up for disposal that night, by morning it had vanished.. I suspect one of the resident rodent rats claimed it. This indicates to me that the egg quite possibly had a chick at some stage of development, though I will never know this for sure.

Marmalade & chicks

Spike the father has shown his worthiness and capabilities of fatherhood.. which was a slight concern, given the early start to the breeding season.

I have embarked on the exciting journey of fermentation.. beginning with kefir. Stay tuned for my stories regarding, replenishment of the good gut flora. So far it’s all going well, but it has only been 10 days.

The garden is morphing & changing, albeit slowly.. I have a lot I want to do & as per usual, I begin a project only to leave it half done to wander off & begin another. I believe this to be a typical Aquarian trait. Ahh well, I could have worse habits I suppose.
It also requires patience & observation to grow a garden.. personally this I feel is one of the best things about it. Observing nature as it teaches its life’s lessons.

The happy-go-lucky chooks received a visit from an uninvited guest a week or so ago, seven of my much loved hens are now roaming the grounds of the big chook run amongst the stars, including my hand raised pet Einstein.. very sad. But again there was a lesson in this too ..


Take care,