Environmental Toothbrush

I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have commented on my first few attempts at blogging. Your encouragement is received graciously and as some have asked.. yes, I am happy to blog about any topic .. actually, I should say most topic’s, I guess.Just bear in mind that what I write about are my views entirely and they aren’t always going to sit well with all individuals that read them. But feel free to suggest away.. you can send me a pm or email at  thearaucanagypsy@yahoo.com.au

I do have to say, it is funny though.. the way some people react to the written word. It can be elating for some to realise they are not alone with a particular thought or way of doing a particular deed, where as, the very same words can be like waving a red rag in front of a bull to others. I guess it just depends where one’s mindset is at the time. I do find it amusing 😉

The other day I purchased an environmentally friendly toothbrush.. it was the first one I had seen in our local shops. It is made of bamboo and polymers. Now whilst I am familiar with what bamboo is, I was unsure of what polymer was. Even after a google, I am still not quite sure I know what polymer is, but this toothbrush seems to be much more environmentally friendly than what I have previously been using. At just $2.95 at my wonderful local organic shop, the Village Green.. I am sold!

Anyway.. the humble toothbrush was my topic of choice for today.. I will even supply a link so you can check them out for yourselves.. here ya go..