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What do you get when you cross oolong tea with a scoby ?


Who makes their own booch ?

WTF ? .. I hear you all say, what is booch ? … AND.. what is a scoby ?

Booch is a wonderful cultured drink, with loads of probiotic goodness and if you do it right, tons of fizz.. made with tea, sugar & a scoby!
I finally got around to purchasing my booch jar from here and now I have it on tap, YAY!

Booch on tap

Booch on tap

Prior to this I was making my kombucha in small batches, this was of course fine but it soon became apparent that if I had to keep doing it this way, I wouldn’t keep making it. I found it a little fiddly & time consuming. Mainly as I was making it frequently, so when I found my booch jar all was well with the world. With minimal effort I now have this health elixir on tap.

My booch is made with oolong tea & raw sugar, yes all organic of course .. & the most important part, a scoby.
The scoby otherwise known as ‘the mushroom’ or ‘fungus’ is an amazing combination of friendly bacteria and yeasts. Scoby is an acronym for ‘Symbiotic Culture of friendly Bacteria & Yeast.
The scoby feeds on the sugar in the brewed tea, creating a beverage full of health giving properties, such as probiotics, vitamins B & C, enzymes and amino acids.

While I enjoy the flavor of my brewed booch straight from the tap, I also derive much joy from experimenting with other flavors, such as raspberry, lemon and ginger etc.
This is done via a second fermentation process, simply by adding grated ginger, berries and/or lemon juice and the peel to a bottle and leave it to sit on the bench for a couple of days to develop the flavors. Virtually any fruit or flavor can be added at this stage.
Once daily I open the bottle to release the pressure, doing this over the sink of course.. & in a couple of days I have a lovely refreshing, healthy fizzy drink.

Lemon & ginger, second ferment booch.

Lemon & ginger, second ferment booch.

While I was at it, I also did a second ferment with some kefir. I added lemon peel to a jar of freshly strained kefir milk… it’s as simple as that 🙂
Actually to the one below I also added a few drops of orange & turmeric essential oil.

Second ferment kefir milk, lemon flavor.

Second ferment kefir milk, lemon flavor.

I have been making kefir with fresh raw milk for many years now and also soft kefir cheese. Creating yummy dips with it and adding the whey to smoothies and my awesome cultured vege recipes. My venture into the cultured vegetables is a fairly recent one and so far I have had a great run with them all, other than my latest which was a tomato sauce.

I am notorious for not following recipes, I like to add and change things most of the time. It depends on what I have growing in the garden or handy in the cupboard already. Well I didn’t do this with my latest new project, I followed the sauce recipe to the letter .. and I don’t like it. Will go back to the drawing board with that one and try again soon.
One thing I have found with the wonderful world of culturing, there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules. I have always used the whey from kefir cheese and my creations taste good.

Cultured Veges: carrot broccoli & capsicum - red onions & black pepper - tomato salsa.

Cultured Veges: carrot broccoli & capsicum – red onions & black pepper – tomato salsa.

I hope me sharing a little of my journey into producing these fascinating probiotic yummies, has sparked something in you. Here is a couple of interesting places to read about and help whet the appetite for creating your own cultured masterpieces. Enjoy!

I wish you all .. Peace, Love and plenty of Booch Juice 🙂

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