A Gardeners Nightmare

The temp reached 33 degrees today, it was hot.. at least working out in it was. For most of my few hours out there I was able to work in the shade, though I still managed to change the color of my skin rather dramatically. Even after making up my own lovely all natural ingredients & toxic chemical free sunscreen, I forgot to put it on. But in my defense, I had planned to stay out of the sun majority of the time and lucky I did just that or I would be a very sore girl indeed.

Anyway that’s another story, back to the gardening nightmare – couch grass, pronounced ‘koo-ch’.. it is the bane of every gardener’s garden. The roots go on and on seemingly forever & they can grow and spread in complete darkness. Nothing stops it.
I refuse to use chemicals to remove such a pest as it would be a complete waste of time and money. You only line the pockets of the greedy multi-national company’s who make the rotten stuff. It lasts for a couple of weeks and then what ? ..  it has to be re done. Waste. Of. Time.
Besides it looks hideous with all this dead brown lifeless mess. Not to mention the damage that is done to the life of the soil from the hideous liquid. I’d much rather look at ‘out of control’ green couch grass any day.. that is, if I wasn’t able-bodied enough to get down & pull it out by hand and with the help of a few tools.

I began my work in a relatively small part of the garden, where the couch grass was invading in amongst my lavender and soapwort. There is a red rose growing in that area also, one that I transplanted a year or 2 ago and also foxgloves. There are daffodil bulbs down amongst the couch roots as well.. a few of those were disturbed in my quest to eradicate the invasive grass. I put them back in the ground of course, as I am expecting a lovely display from the daff’s come next Spring.

As I went on my merry couch grass root hunt I remember changing my thought patterns somewhat. Instead of cursing & grimacing at every stubborn & challenging piece of continuous grass there was, I chose to be delighted with the smell coming from the lavender bushes I was working next to, as I was weeding in and around them. I also took note on how much they had grown in the 12 months since I planted them and that got me thinking of what I will do with all the beautiful fresh new lavender buds next time around.. I want to add them to my fresh juices, among other things.

I was also extremely happy to discover 5 small lemon trees growing, that I hadn’t noticed till I began hacking away at the darned couch grass.
So all in all I had a wonderful productive day. Digging out couch grass will never be a favorite pastime I know, but it pays to look at things from another angle at times.. one with a happy slant. And in changing those negative thoughts about the couch grass to positive ones it was a very pleasant way to spend a few hours out enjoying the golden sunshine.

I also got to witness one of my beautiful apricot water lily's opening up - It was a good day!

I also got to witness one of my beautiful apricot water lily’s opening up – It was a good day!