What is your all time favorite breaky ?

Another indication that Spring is here is being able to eat one of my favorite breakfasts ever. It is very simple, but extremely tasty..

If I am not indulging in one of my glorious green, kefir, fruit smoothies, then I am feeding my face with tomatoes!  Yes, tomatoes on toast.. yum.. yum.. yum!
I can just see some of you rolling your eyes and saying, ‘How boring!’ … but no, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

Toasted pieces of rye sourdough, smothered with butter and top with red slabs of sliced tommy’s, NO salt & pepper thanks.. OMG.. thats what I will be doing within the next few minutes.. add to that a large cup of green & nettle tea with raw honey and I am in heaven.

It is way to early to be picking them from my own tomato bushes, as the seedlings are only 3 inches high. Must possess myself with patience for another few months.. BUT, my wonderful local organic fruit/vege & grocery shop, The Village Green sells them. So until I produce my own I am happy to purchase them from Tim & Marina.

My tomato of choice this morning is the Roma. I grew these last season, lovely & prolific they were too. This year I have a couple of yellow (& the name escapes me), low acid ones on the go & College Challengers.
I actually have an abundance of tomato seedlings this Spring, as some chilli seeds I were given, have grown up as tomatoe’s.. haha :O  Will be a surprise to see what type they turn out to be 🙂

Just one of the simple pleasures in my life !