Housework or garden work ?

After a very pleasant morning of lazing around in bed, I decided I should get up and do something constructive.. dontchya just love school holidays, all you Mums out there.. and I guess there’s a few Dad’s as well ?!

I ummed.. and I ahhed.. housework or garden work ??

Well.. silly question really, although I know housework is necessary at times, It is not something I waste too much time with.. I have entertained the thought of indulging and paying someone else to do it, but the thought of someone else going about my personal and very private corners of living, just grates against the very core of my being, besides, it doesn’t take long.. I do a little bit everyday.. well todays little bit might get done tomorrow or later.. whichever comes first 🙂

The henhouse needed some attention first up.. I threw down some lime on all the muddy bits, I had some hay that needed useing up, so I then put that down over the lime. No more smelly wiffs coming from the pens now and the little chicken feet are high and dry out of the mud.

I did notice that a couple of the hens had some crusty bits forming on the legs.. not sure what this is exactly, but I treat them with a manicure of tea tree oil and vege oil a couple of times and it disappears. On dusk tonight I will dunk them all in this mixture and all will be fine and dandy.

Whilst wheelbarrowing the hay from point A to the chook pen I noticed this exquisite smell and vowed to find where it was coming from. So after doing my duty for the chookens I went in search of it.. can you guess what it was ?

… Violets!

Now violets are a great living mulch.. sometimes I find them very invasive in fact.. but when they flower it is just an amazing aroma.. the old fashioned pink ones are my favorite, I guess that comes from being an old fashioned girl at heart 🙂

My bedroom now smells just so glorious.. and all it took was this few flowers!

So now my chook pen and my bedroom smell pretty sweet.. I might go and walk my mad hound and meet with a mate for coffee.. cos I deserve it 🙂

Ain’t life great!