Winter seedlings

I have been known to bend a few rules in the garden, from time to time. For instance having tomatoes in by Cup weekend is a rule of thumb most go by and planting garlic on or before the Winter Solstice..  well, I am still harvesting Sweet Bites, that were planted last December, from a couple of faithful tomato plants, still clinging to life.. and it is almost 2 weeks on the other side of the shortest day.

So I’m guessing 2 weeks won’t make much difference to the end result of my garlic that I planted this morning. I only put in around 35 bulbs.. but that will be 35 bulbs less that I will have to buy.. I LOVE my garlic!

The green tomatoes will of course take a few weeks to go red, but they will do so eventually.

I also noticed that I have many little flat leafed parsley and perennial spinach seedlings up too.. Yay!  It’s always a bonus when you let plants go to seed and they pop up new plants the next year. But it’s supposed to be Winter not Spring.. has anyone bothered to tell Mother Nature this yet ?

I also  discovered some very healthy, feral aloe vera plants growing.. under a tree in an a place that I divided up a massive pot of them last year. I feel very pleased with my morning in the garden 🙂

The hens are slowly getting back into laying.. plants are popping up all over the place and although it is a chilly, wintery old day today.. Spring is in the air.. and I’m kicking along happily, going by my own rules …

Some of the spinach seedlings, borage growing also in the background.

Baby flat leaf parsley.

These little plants are self seeding in the middle of Winter.