Who I Am

Hi there readers,

I thought I would take some time to share a little of who I am with you all.
I like chocolate and champagne.. and they go nicely together & the choc has to be homemade!

First and foremost though, before anything else I am a Mum. A Mama of 2 grown up children..
Living in the beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia.. approximately 65 km’s east of Melbourne, we are blessed with good rainfall and we get to experience the  four season’s of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter..  sometimes all in one day!

Being very much at home with my own company and living a reasonably quiet lifestyle, the further away from the big smoke I can get, the happier I am. And whilst the city is nice to visit on occasion, there is no way I could live with the noise and the fast pace that seems part and parcel of city dwelling.

The garden is a favorite place to be, as is the kitchen.. re-inventing a recipe or trying to make homemade champers or apple cider vinegar.. growing organic veges, herbs and fruit trees. I have a passion it seems, for lacto-fermented food & beverages. I have made kefir now for years, but have only recently began investigating other culturing practices. This is a natural progression however, from my interest in raw food.
Throw in some chickens, compost, worm farms and I am a happy girl. Much satisfaction is gained from making a meal, where all ingredients have come from your own backyard.

I have been known to breed poultry, albeit on a very small scale these days, the odd purple chicken still has a place in my heart. The Araucana is an unusual breed of chicken, which I suppose in some way depicts an aspect of myself. My kids often call me ‘the hippy mama’ and indeed, some friends have referred to me as ‘the hippy chick’ at times. I think the words eccentric, odd, different and unusual would be quite safely used in a description of myself.

I knit, sew and crochet, not very well mind you.. but it’s fun.
I was a chef in a previous life..
I really like the cold weather, a fire is a many blessed thing.
I am an SES volunteer.
I am 40 something Aquarian..
I think Eckhart Tolle is fairly amazing..
I have learned the art of patience..
Permaculture is a way of life..

Of course this is but a brief over view of who I am..

Welcome to my humble blog.. the words you will read amongst these pages are simply my thoughts & life meanderings that I wish to share. If you feel so inclined, by all means email me or submit a comment. Thank you for dropping by & taking the time to read about what interests me.



All photo’s shown throughout this blog are my own. Out of courtesy, it is expected a written request to me personally before sharing these photo’s elsewhere. Thank you for your cooperation.


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